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Value your Web 2.0 guerillas

Social computing can create new dynamics of information and knowledge transfer among employees, and may already be happening unofficially within organisations…. architects, consulting engineers, contractors and materials suppliers are already using blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other social applications that aren’t (yet) officially sanctioned by their IT departments.

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PR and web 2.0 ‘ghosts’

The technology involved in managing communications between organisations and their ‘publics’ has evolved quite dramatically (echoing technological changes  in the wider construction industry, of course).

While many of the fundamental skills of PR haven’t changed the advent of new technologies does mean that PR professionals have to learn some new techniques and to adapt their codes of conduct accordingly.

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Let’s make construction more ‘social’

Is construction anti-‘social’?

… there remains relatively little take-up of Web 2.0 among the wider construction industry. Compared to other sectors, there aren’t many construction blogs; few AEC professionals use Twitter; many remain ignorant of RSS feeds; and online discussion forums can end up dominated by cranks…

How do we change things?

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