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Should every business Twitter?

… small and medium-sized businesses – of which there are a vast number in the construction sector – are quickly adopting Twitter

Here are my 13 things to think about before Tweeting



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Live from HOK – guest post

johngilmoreThis is a guest post by John Gilmore (right), one of the HOK corporate communications team behind the Life at HOK blog. I asked John if he would like to explain more about how the site (and other HOK Web 2.0 activities) is managed and policed and what business benefits have been achieved to date. Many thanks to him for contributing.

Life at HOK – the HOK perspective


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Should every business have a blog?

Thirteen things to think about before blogging

…. Can you answer ‘yes’ to all, or at least most, of the following questions?

  1. Have you identified your niche, your target community? – Why are you blogging?
  2. Do you know your main themes, messages or categories of information?
  3. Is a blog your most appropriate online initiative?


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Social networks boost productivity

For many Generation X managers, work and socialising are two distinctly separate notions, and they therefore often seek to limit employees’ socialising so that they can “get on and do real work”. But what if that real work could actually be improved by socialising? What if social networking actually helped you work better?

The Harvard Business Review thinks so…. Read the rest of this blog post here.

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