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A public PS: Paul

Looking back at my open letter to Paul Morrell, UK chief construction advisor, I realised that it would probably need to be printed out and posted to him, or at the very least emailed, so perhaps we need a post-script….

And he replied!

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Open letter to the new Chief Construction Adviser

I felt moved to compose an open letter to our new construction czar….

Dear Mr Morrell

First, congratulations on your new appointment which is long overdue, particularly as it was more than 16 months ago that the House of Commons Business and Enterprise Committee recommended – in Constructing Matters (PDF) – the “creation of a post of Chief Construction Officer”.

As I wrote at the time, Constructing Matters was, however, something of a disappointment to me. Like another document published shortly before – the Strategy for Sustainable Construction (see post) – it failed to pay attention to better use of ICT tools within the UK construction industry.

The rest of this post is now at

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10 ways social media can help your construction client

All supply chain companies can differentiate themselves and use social media to support their work for the client – particularly where the client may be keen to stress its corporate social responsibility (CSR) credentials. For example:

  1. client, planners and designers can engage and consult more closely with local residents or the end-users of a proposed new facility (using web-based tools such as discussion forums, YouCanPlan, Second Life, etc)

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