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Social media firmly on the construction marketing radar

Web 2.0 now firmly on the construction marketing radar

At a February 2009 event, I was almost a lone voice in talking about social media to a construction marketing audience, but there has clearly been a significant shift in people’s thinking since then.

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MyTaptu – news at your fingertips on your smartphone

Some organisations still think that everyone looks at their website via a conventional computer browser. “What about those people on the move?!” I shout. “Do you know how crappy your website looks like when I view it on my phone? Do you know how long it takes to download your page, and how frustrating it is to navigate?!

MyTaptuThe Taptu search engine helps mobile users find websites that are optimised for touchscreen viewing, and now you can download an application that allows you to select your favourite news topics and RSS feeds, and to view streams geared for mobile users.

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Professional services firms and social media

Scott Addison’s MBA dissertation, Anti-Social? An Exploration of Social Media Effectiveness for Professional Services Marketing, completed at the Cass Business School in London presents findings from 11 different law, accountancy and marketing services firms, plus an AEC consultancy.

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Community engagement: it’s a people thing

The success of a business-to-business (B2B) online group can’t be guaranteed by online activity alone. Online groups need to be nurtured by offline events that capture people’s interest and encourage involvement.

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