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Social media firmly on the construction marketing radar

Web 2.0 now firmly on the construction marketing radar

At a February 2009 event, I was almost a lone voice in talking about social media to a construction marketing audience, but there has clearly been a significant shift in people’s thinking since then.

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10 ways social media can help your construction client

All supply chain companies can differentiate themselves and use social media to support their work for the client – particularly where the client may be keen to stress its corporate social responsibility (CSR) credentials. For example:

  1. client, planners and designers can engage and consult more closely with local residents or the end-users of a proposed new facility (using web-based tools such as discussion forums, YouCanPlan, Second Life, etc)

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Top 10 Web 2.0 adoption issues for AEC organisations

In a fascinating post yesterday, Ten top issues in adopting enterprise social computing, ZDNet’s Enterprise Web 2.0 blogger Dion Hinchcliffe reviews some of the reasons why businesses have yet to fully embrace social media. …

This is, in my experience, probably even more of a challenge in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sector. …

Read my ten top issues with social computing in AEC businesses

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Social networks boost productivity

For many Generation X managers, work and socialising are two distinctly separate notions, and they therefore often seek to limit employees’ socialising so that they can “get on and do real work”. But what if that real work could actually be improved by socialising? What if social networking actually helped you work better?

The Harvard Business Review thinks so…. Read the rest of this blog post here.

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Value your Web 2.0 guerillas

Social computing can create new dynamics of information and knowledge transfer among employees, and may already be happening unofficially within organisations…. architects, consulting engineers, contractors and materials suppliers are already using blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other social applications that aren’t (yet) officially sanctioned by their IT departments.

Read the whole of this blog post – now at

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