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The pwcom blog is moving

After six years of blogging with TypePad, I have just migrated my technology blog ExtranetEvolution.com to a new blog platform (a self-hosted installation of WordPress). I am also using the same platform for my website pwcom.co.uk and for this blog (run on WordPress.com). I hope you like the look and feel of the new site(s).

I will not be adding any new posts here – instead please click through to the new pwcom blog.

If you have linked to this blog, please redirect your link to the new blog address: http://blog.pwcom.co.uk/. And if you have subscribed to this blog, I hope you will do the same for the new one.

Existing content from this site has been migrated. I am working through the new site to ensure that all the internal links work on the new domain, and to ensure images and other embedded content (YouTube video, SlideShare presentations, etc ) are also reproduced pretty much as they were. Please let me know if you find anything broken, etc.

This site will remain up for a few weeks, but I will eventually take it down to avoid confusing visitors (and Google) with duplicate content.


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