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Measuring influence and social capital in construction

As Twitter usage has grown, people want to quantify how influential some tweeters are, and I have been incorporating two commonly used tools, Klout and PeerIndex, into my work.

EEPaul rated on Klout.comKlout’s strapline is “The standard for online influence,” while PeerIndex aims to help you “understand your social capital.” …

This post is now available here: http://www.blog.pwcom.co.uk/2011/04/19/measuring-influence-and-social-capital-in-construction/


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For online-only B2B media, Twitter matters

Avatar for Construction EnquirerFor the last year I have been following the Construction Enquirer, an online-only free news publication established in April 2010 by former print journalists Aaron Morby and Grant Prior. As the business model of traditional B2B industry publications has come under pressure from online sources, it has been interesting to watch the Enquirer‘s advertising-funded progress.

This blog post is now at http://www.blog.pwcom.co.uk/2011/04/15/for-online-only-b2b-media-twitter-matters/

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Constructing Excellence Social Media Forum

We had a good turn-out for Constructing Excellence‘s first social media forum, held at Arup’s Fitzroy Street offices in London, with some great presentations and discussion….

Blog post now at http://www.blog.pwcom.co.uk/2011/03/31/constructing-excellence-social-media-forum/

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Did the Be2Awards bypass most AEC PR and marketing people?

The construction PR and marketing communities don’t seem to have capitalised upon the opportunities. Most B2B communications professionals know that industry awards can be a great way to raise the profile of a company, product, service or individual, and there has been considerable enthusiasm about most of the categories. But despite some encouragement, the Be2Awards PR campaign category attracted a paltry two entries, and the marketing campaign category just three….

Why the poor response?

The original blog post is now at http://www.blog.pwcom.co.uk/2011/01/25/did-the-be2awards-bypass-most-aec-pr-and-marketing-people/

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MyTaptu – news at your fingertips on your smartphone

Some organisations still think that everyone looks at their website via a conventional computer browser. “What about those people on the move?!” I shout. “Do you know how crappy your website looks like when I view it on my phone? Do you know how long it takes to download your page, and how frustrating it is to navigate?!

MyTaptuThe Taptu search engine helps mobile users find websites that are optimised for touchscreen viewing, and now you can download an application that allows you to select your favourite news topics and RSS feeds, and to view streams geared for mobile users.

This post now at http://www.blog.pwcom.co.uk/2010/11/09/mytaptu-news-at-your-fingertips-on-your-smartphone/

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Let’s be positive on social media: issue guidelines not bans

… over half of UK organisations are restricting employee access to social media websites such as Facebook and YouTube due to the threat of litigation. … The restrictions probably arise due to the lack of guidelines governing use of social networking tools in the workplace.

The whole blog post is now at http://www.blog.pwcom.co.uk/2009/12/18/lets-be-positive-on-social-media-issue-guidelines-not-bans/

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A public PS: Paul

Looking back at my open letter to Paul Morrell, UK chief construction advisor, I realised that it would probably need to be printed out and posted to him, or at the very least emailed, so perhaps we need a post-script….

And he replied!

Whole post now at http://www.blog.pwcom.co.uk/2009/11/30/a-public-ps-paul/

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